Cope with adhesive bonding process bottlenecks

The use of adhesives in industrial assembly has become a standard throughout all kinds of industries.  While your output grows, process steps may become production bottlenecks. Adhesive bonding processes are no different from other assembly steps. Sikaflex® Booster adhesives  have helped many commercial transport manufacturers to speed their bonding processes.

Sikaflex® Booster products are typically offered with a system approach consisting of a 1C, a bulk booster and a PowerCure version.

  • Specify one material and stay flexible to speed process steps
  • Save material costs by using Booster only where beneficial
  • Robust processing, will reach the same end result with or without Booster
  • Flexible, to evolve with your process 

Sikaflex® Booster adhesives reach the same endperformance, regardless if used with or without  SikaBooster®. For high volume applications out of bulk packaging, Sikaflex® Booster is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for fast strength development of elastic adhesives. For applications with less consumption, Sika’s PowerCure system may offer the best value.

Booster application and pump system

Sikaflex® Booster Adhesives for the Panel Bonding and Vehicle Assembly

For commercial transport body panel assembly, Sikaflex® Booster adhesives are easy to use and build up handling strength quickly. Using accelerated curing adhesives allows reducing temporary fixtures and enables moving vehicles to the next workstation quicker. With Sikaflex® Booster even large adhesive joints cure within hours, rather than days or weeks if cured with air moisture.