Man holding powercure dispenser in train plant

PowerCure Adhesives for the Transportation Industry

Sika's product systems for the transportation industry are available as 1C,  bulk booster solution, and also for the PowerCure system. These products reach the same final performance, regardless of cured by air moisture or SikaBooster®. In use, the combination of such products is beneficial.  For example, Sikaflex®-268 + Booster, out of bulk, is most economical for large volume applications. Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure, however, is ideal for line applications where less consumption is required. Pump equipment is often not financially justified.

Sikaflex® Booster products are typically offered with a system approach consisting of a 1C, a bulk booster and a PowerCure version.

  • Specify one material and stay flexible to speed process steps
  • Save material costs by using Booster only where beneficial
  • Robust processing, will reach the same end result with or without Booster
  • Flexible, to evolve with your process 
Added Value Sikaflex® Booster

PowerCure Adhesives for the Panel Bonding and Vehicle Assembly

For commercial transport body panel and component assembly, a PowerCure version of following Sikaflex® Booster adhesives is available. 

PowerCure Adhesives for vehicle glass and windshield bonding

For commercial vehicle windshield and glass installation, Sika provides selected Sikaflex® Booster adhesive also in the PowerCure packaging. 

Automotive Aftermarket car glass replacement application with a manual gun containing adhesive

PowerCure Adhesives for auto glass replacement

The PowerCure system delivers unmatched performance for windshield replacement application that requires a fast turnaround time. PowerCure is designed to work under the harsh outdoor conditions typical for the vehicle glass repair and replacement industry.  Shortest Safe Drive-Away Time, fastest through curing and unmatched user comfort make PowerCure adhesives the ideal solution for getting vehicles back on the road without compromising safety and quality.

Man assembling a window with PowerCure dispenser

PowerCure Adhesives for structural glass bonding in residential windows with high burglary resistance

PowerCure technology isn’t limited to STP and PUR adhesives. Sika also offers “boosted” one-component silicones compatible with the PowerCure dispensing system.  Boosted silicones combine the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesives: Climate-independent and quick-curing along with the utmost ease in manual application. There is almost no limit to how the products can be used, including working in harsh outdoor conditions typical for window repair.