Sika's across-the-board building expertise

The new Gotthard tunnel project required Sika to draw on the full breadth of its construction expertise. Waterproofing systems, construction chemicals know-how and machinery solutions were only part of the package. High-grade shotcrete was used to support the tunnel excavation. This served as the base for the Sikaplan® and Sarnafil® waterproof membranes. The concrete lining was then placed using Sika admixtures so as to achieve the high degree of precision required for the tunnel surface geometry. The flawless concrete finish is a visible testament to the outstanding concreting workmanship.

Sika products and services

  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete production
  • Concrete and fire protection
  • Spread concrete
  • Expert advice and support on site


Sika records on the gotthard

3.3 Million m2 of Sikaplan® waterproofing membrane

equivalent to about 330 football pitches

40'000 Tonnes of materials delivered

equivalent to 1700 rail wagons

12'662'500 Minutes

of work by Sika employees

20'000 Tonnes of admixtures

equivalent of 222'222 Emmental cheese