Spraying Arm AL-302.1

The spraying arm AL-302.1 has been designed specially for mines, small galleries and excavations. Owing to its simple and rigid construction it is most suitable for mounting onto different carriers.

application field

Aliva 302.1 on  a truck

mounting onto different carriers

Aliva 302.1 on Aliva 503.3


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1 AL-302.1 - Spraying Arm Brochure EN pdf 1,03 MB
 AL-302.1 - Spraying Arm

Short description

- For mining and small tunnels
- Modular concept
- Air, electric driven
- Simple mounting onto carriers

Date: 4/27/17
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2 AL-302.1 - Brazo de proyección de concreto Brochure ES pdf 1,03 MB
AL-302.1 - Brazo de proyección de concreto

Date: 4/27/17
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3 AL-302.1 - Spritzarm Brochure DE pdf 1,03 MB
AL-302.1 - Spritzarm

Short description

- Für Minen und kleine Tunnels
- Modulares Konzept
- Luft- oder Elektromotor-Antrieb
- Einfacher Aufbau auf Trägerfahrzeugen

Date: 4/27/17
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