Customized production

With our modern machinery, the steel construction and the assembly lines, we are able to fulfill complex and demanding tasks. Our long experience as manufacturer of machinery for construction and industry enables us to meet your requirements professionally.

A qualified workforce consults, plans, organizes materials and tools, produces steelworks and completes mechanical finishing. We also install components and complete systems.

Our professional competence, flexibility and on-time deliveries guarantee you a proper processing of your order. We machining for you simple or complex parts on modern CNC processing machines, in single and serial production.

Mechanical manufacturing:

Our qualification in the machining is your benefit:

  • CNC lathing
  • CNC milling
  • Konventional lathing and milling
  • Flat grinding
  • Drilling

Steel and stainless steel processing is our strength, using TIG, MIG, MAG, electrode and circular welding systems.Our producer qualification is according to EN 287. The flexible work areas in the production hall can always be individualy adapted in order to suit your design needs. Overhead cranes up to 12 tons are available.


We assemble individual components into assemblies or complete systems. Gears, drivers, conveyors, complete machines, electronic controls and switch cabinets, we convince with flexibility. We are specialized in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic units. All our processes are monitored by quality controls in order to ensure highly customer satisfaction. Let your technical systems be assembled trugh specialists.


  • Planning
  • Technical consulting
  • Procurement
  • Sheet metal working
  • Welded construction
  • Complete machining
  • Painting
  • Assembling
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Maintanance and logistic services

Do you have any question regareding customized manufacturing? Please contact us


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1 Aliva Auftragsfertigung Brochure DE pdf 0,61 MB
Aliva Auftragsfertigung

Short description

Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter beraten, planen, beschaffen Materialien oder Teile, produzieren im Stahlbau und der mechanischen Fertigung. Wir montieren aber auch Baugruppen und Komplett-Systeme.

Date: 4/27/17
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2 Aliva Youngsters Brochure DE pdf 0,67 MB
Aliva Youngsters

Short description

In unserem Lehrlingsteam, den «Aliva Youngsters», bilden wir pro Lehrjahr bis zu 3 Lernende in den Berufen Polymechaniker/in EFZ, Produktionsmechaniker/in EFZ und Anlagen- und
Apparatebauer/in EFZ aus.

Date: 4/27/17
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3 Maschinenverzeichnis Sika Schweiz AG -Werk Widenuntitled Brochure DE pdf 0,13 MB
Maschinenverzeichnis Sika Schweiz AG -Werk Widenuntitled

Short description

Maschinenverzeichnis Sika Schweiz AG -Werk Widen (Aliva Equipment Augtragsfertigung)

Date: 4/27/17
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