Aliva-257 Shotcrete machine

Aliva-257 is the universal machine for dry- and wet shotcrete application by thin-stream process. The new and very compact design of the machine impresses through its dimensions, weight and performance. With just 750 kg and dimensions as little as a small dry shotcrete machine, the Aliva-257 fits on every job site and is easy to install and operate.

With its unbelievable output capacity range from 0.7 to 9.6 m3/h (with 3 rotor sizes) the machine works on small concrete renovation work as efficient as on big slope protection or in mines. Is it for thin layer concrete renovation with the 2.5l rotor up to slope protection of an excavation with the 12l rotor, with the AL-257 one has always the right equipment at hand. Less maintenance and wear cost makes it the ideal shotcrete machine for all applications..

Slope stabilization
  • Dry and wet shotcrete
  • concrete repair
  • Swimming ponds, pools
  • Slope stabilization and excavation support
  • Mining, tunnelling
  • Refractory applications

The Aliva-257 is equipped with a fully automatic lubrication system for the rotor-discs. The rotor-speed is adjusted with a frequency converter and therefore, can be adjusted to every specific need on the job. The machine has an emergency button which stops the turning of the rotor and closes the main valve of the air supply, conform the EU standards.

Aliva-257 Shotcrete Machine
New sealing system

The machine also has the high quality steel on steel sealing system. Experience has shown up to 10 times less wear on the steel plates, depending on material, output capacity, hose diameter and compressed air supply. This again leads to less standstill time and wear cost and therefore to more economical spraying operation.

The new Aliva-257 accessory kit with rubber sealing plates was designed specifically for the Aliva-257 rotor machine and is recommended primarily for processing ovendry concrete.


Experience our new Aliva-257 and watch our short product demonstration video.


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1 Aliva-257 Accessory Kit Brochure EN pdf 0,80 MB
Aliva-257 Accessory Kit

Short description

Rubber sealing plate set for Aliva rotor machines

Date: 4/27/17
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2 Aliva-257 Lanzadora de concreto Brochure ES pdf 0,50 MB
Aliva-257 Lanzadora de concreto

Short description

Aliva-257 Lanzadora de concreto con discos de sellado de caucho

Date: 4/27/17
Flyer_A4_AL-257 Gummiplatten_ESP_21072015.pdf
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3 Aliva-257 Machine de projection de béton Brochure FR pdf 0,39 MB
Aliva-257 Machine de projection de béton

Short description

Aliva-257 la machine de projection de béton, la machine tout-en-un! Nombreux domaines d'utilisation. Polyvalente, l'Aliva-257 est tout aussi efficace pour les petits travaux de rénovation que pour la stabilisation de grands talus.

Date: 9/12/18
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4 Aliva-257 Shotcrete machine Brochure EN pdf 0,49 MB
Aliva-257 Shotcrete machine

Short description

Aliva-257 concrete spraying machine THE ALL ROUNDER. Usable in many different application fields. The versatile Aliva-257 works as efficiently on small renovations as it does on excavation support or in mining.

Date: 10/9/19
Flyer_Aliva-257 with rubber plates_A4_web.pdf
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