Aliva 237: The Small

A compact concrete spraying machine for shotcreting dry and occasionally wet mixes. With a range conveying capacity from 0.4 to 4.0 m3/h, the machine is ideal for smaller shotcrete applications.


Aliva 257: The All-rounder

With an incredible output capacity range of 0.7 - 9.6 m3/h (with 3 rotor sizes) the machine works on small renovation work as efficiently as on excavation supportor in mining. This makes it the ideal shotcrete machine for all applications.

Aliva 264

Aliva 264: The User-friendly

Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier than with this machine and it can all be done by just one person. The HPO, Hopper Power Opener, makes light work of opening the hopper. Optionally there is the RLC, Rotor Lifting Crane, which is a lifting device to facilitate removing the rotor. The two speed settings allow different output capacities of up to 13.1 m3/h.



Aliva 267: The Powerful

The modular design of the AL-267 means that it can be adapted to every need. It is even equipped with an integrated accelerator pump that can be synchronised. With an output capacity of up to 21 m3/h, it is suitable for all large shotcrete applications.