Rotor machines for Shotcrete



The AL-237 is a compact concrete spraying machine for dry-shotcrete as well as for small wet-shotcrete application of mortars. The low filling height of the hopper allows easy handling of pre-bagged materials with little effort. The integrated FU (frequency changer) enables a infinitely variable speed of the rotor and with it the conveying capacity for each specific job.



The AL-257 is the universal machine for the application of dry- and wet shotcrete in the thin-stream method. The new and very compact design of the machine impresses through its dimensions, weight and performance. With just 750 kg and dimensions as little as a small dry shotcrete machine, the Aliva-257 fits on every job site and is easy to install and operate.



The AL-267 is a multi-functional machine for wet- and dry application of sprayed concrete in the thin stream method. The modular construction allows the right type for all requirements. With an output capacity of 4 – 21 m3/h the range of applications.